Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blueberries for Sal - Five in a Row Style

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Awhile back I came across the books/concept called "Five in a Row."  I loved the idea of reading quality literature to the boys as well as having some simple activities to do with them. As they get a little older, I know the activities, vocabulary development, and discussion will get more in depth, but even at this age it is fun and rewarding.  
"To use  Five in a Row, just pick one of the 70 books used in Five in a Row, locate the corresponding lesson plan in your teacher’s guide, read the story aloud each day during the week and use Jane’s suggestions and lesson plans to lead your children on a wonderful learning adventure. It’s that simple!" (from the FIAR website)
Earlier this summer we spent a week with The Story About Ping and had a lot of fun.  This week we read Blueberries for Sal.  I was surprised at how much both boys liked listening to the story each day. Beyond the Five in a Row book for a reference, bloggers on Pinterest also gave me some great ideas.  Here is what we did this week to go along with Blueberries for Sal.

We used finger paint to make a blueberry patch. We used different shades of greens and blues.  Bugaboo was not content with just those colors, so he ended up with a free-for-all with all of the colors of the rainbow.

Bubby helped me make one of our favorite blueberry recipes - blueberry cake.  It is supposed to be a breakfast dish, I think, but we eat it for breakfast or dessert.  The Hubs is a huge fan of this recipe!

Bubby worked on finding lowercase letter b's on this blueberry paper.  We used pom-poms of all kinds of colors since I didn't have many in the color blue. Bugaboo just played with the pom-poms.

We made a paper blueberry pie.  Bubby worked on cutting things in half to make the strips.  Both boys worked on their gluing skills.  They also got a chance to use the do-a-dot markers.  Bubby loaded his pie up with blueberries.

This fun number activity we did a few times, and I will keep it to do again in the days ahead.  First I made Bubby put the numbers in order. Then we worked on sounding out the number words and beginning to recognize the number words that will have to be known by sight.  The second day we did this I was impressed with how independently he was able to do most of the words!

The favorite thing for Bubby about reading this story each day is that this library book came with a cd. I didn't know that he would like listening to a recording, but throughout the week he asked to use the cd instead of having me read it to him. Each time he sat attentively listening for the sound that told him to turn the page.  

Even though Bubby knows his letters/sounds, this week and next we are working on some letter B activities for both boys.  We will also be rowing one of our favorite books, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, each day.

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