Saturday, July 27, 2013

I am an artist - five in a row style

We didn't do as much with our Before Five in a Row book this week.  In fact, I think we only read the actual book, I Am An Artist, three times.  I think it was little above my kids, even though there were just a few words on each page.  Bubby and I did have a good chat about reflections in the water because of one page in the book, and we talked about some new words in context with sunsets.

Early in the week we did cloud painting with white paint on blue paper using marshmallows and pompoms. I had to keep Bugaboo from eating the marshmallows since we had just had s'mores last week at our friends' house. We had painted a polar bear using the same supplies last winter, and I think that project was a little more fun than this one.

I had planned on doing a nature walk with the boys, but between my baby-sitting and Bugaboo's therapy schedule this week, it did not happen. I improvised, and we talked about things like the shapes of the cloud as we drove places.  Then on Friday, it was a rainy morning, so we all piled in bed and listened to the rain for a little bit. That was my favorite part of the week.

We read lots of books on art and nature and weather and clouds, and most of them were just so-so.  We did enjoy Little Cloud by Eric Carle, but I can't even recommend any of the other dozen books we read. Quite a bummer.

Yesterday, we did another art project just for fun using different sized circle objects (cups, lids, toilet paper rolls) to stamp on our papers. I think both boys liked that once I was able to get Bubby to understand the importance of sharing the paint.

Next week it looks like we are reading My Blue Boat. I have some other cute fiction picture books to go along with that, as well as books about the ocean since Bubby is always asking about sharks and squids and such.

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