Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Five in a Row Style

Disclosure: Many of the book titles are linked to affiliate links. That said, all opinions/recommendations on books are because of my love of the books. 
Also links to sources for my ideas for this weeks activities are hyperlinked.

There are a lot of books about bears in the Before Five in A Row and Five in a Row manuals.  I decided to keep with the bear theme this week by rowing one of Bubby's old favorites, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he still liked it. I think it will become one of Bug's favorites, too.

We started our week's activities with making a B is for Bear picture.  I probably learned more from this activity than the boys did. I have not done any formal letter of the week stuff with my kids, but I think they both like letter-themed activities, so I will probably continue this as weeks naturally lend itself to that.

We had Teddy Graham snacks from a Babushka care-package a couple of times this week.  I attempted to do a pre-made lapbook with Bubby, but I don't know that it is really our thing. We didn't even end up completing that project. It felt much too worksheet-y to me. I don't mind worksheets for some purposes, but this just didn't seem like a good fit for us. I know other families who love lapbooks, so maybe I did it wrong.

On Thursday we did a sequence art project for the story. The boys and the girl I baby-sit (Miss C) each created wavy grass (great scissor skill time for Bubby making fringe on green paper), a crepe paper blue river, painted brown mud, painted trees,  a snowstorm with scrapbook paper, glue and glitter, and a felt bear cave.  I think I get mommy bonus points for getting out glitter with a preschooler and two toddlers, right?

Both boys LOVED the Michael Rosen (author) telling the story on YouTube. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it, too. We will be rewatching from time to time. Today I reread the story while the boys sat with The Hubs and three teddy bears. It was a sweet moment before naptime.

I had Bubby do a couple of do-a-dot papers for B/b. He likes those. We also did a b letter maze to help reinforce his learning the difference between b and d.  Other than that, we also read a whole lot of books about bears. They were mostly fiction, but I did get one or two non-fiction ones read as well. Our favorite additional bear books this week were:

Bears in the Night (similar feel to Bear Hunt)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain (great for talking about seasons and senses, too)
Brown Bear (non-fiction, not the beloved Eric Carle book)
Bear Says Thanks (We had not read this specific Wilson/Chapman one yet - we love their Bear books!)
Bear Cubs (this was a very simple reader for Bubby to practice some of his reading skills on)

This upcoming week we are going to be reading I Am An Artist, which looks to be much different than our usual choice of books. It is a stretch for me, too, because of its emphasis on nature... and I am an indoors kind of a gal.

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