Friday, August 9, 2013

My Blue Boat - five in a row style

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The last two weeks have been full for us. I finished up my last week of baby-sitting. We have had a couple of extra appointments on top of our usual weekly ones for Bugaboo. There have been play-dates with other moms and kids from church. Each time Bubby has come home happily caked in dirt or mud.  We have also been soaking in the last days of summer before The Hubs returns to being a full time nursing student on top of his counseling job. This has meant trips to the pool. Bubby and I also spent an afternoon at our local hands-on children's museum.  So it is easy to see why it took us two weeks to go through My Blue Boat.

This book was simple and sweet. We had natural conversations about new words (harbor, swell, fleet). Bubby liked the story each time we read it, and he was fascinated with the lighthouse. Bugaboo is starting to become obsessed with letters, particularly the letter O. Therefore, we did "O is for ocean and O is for octopus" to go along with the book and his favorite letter.

Here is our "O-octopus" made from supplies we had on hand. Bubby worked on coloring withing the lines, which is not his favorite thing. I was pleasantly surprised how well he cut out the outer circle for the O.

We also worked on fine motor skills. Bubby traced/painted W's and O's using paint on Q-tips. He is not a fan of using a pencil to work on letters, so we have used this method in the past. It works so-so in my opinion, but he enjoys it. Bug wanted to use a paintbrush with his fingerpaints, and later had a meltdown when he was using his fingers to paint. Ah, sensory issues.

I had high hopes to make boats, do some sensory water play, and even make a cute Solo cup whale I saw on Pinterest. But we did not. Bubby and I drew a boat out of crayons to work on drawing simple shapes, and then we water colored over it. He loves to paint, so he sat there for quite awhile trying to cover every spot with blue paint. Usually he likes to do his own thing and paint with all the colors, but today he stayed with the blue shades for the water/sky. I couldn't believe it. He did choose to make his boat orange instead of blue like the book or brown like I suggested.

We read books about ocean life for our non-fiction selections.  To go along with My Blue Boat we also read The Puddle by David McPhail and Max Lucado's The Boy and The Ocean. Bubby really enjoyed that one, so we read it more than once.I am really enjoying the flexibility and ease of doing learning activities based upon book suggestions of Before Five In A Row. Next week we will be looking at The ABC Bunny to build on Bugaboo's interest in letters.

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