Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not Back To School - School Room Week

This is the second week of the Not Back To School Blog Hop. It's school room week. We do not have a school room for a few different reasons:
1. My children are still preschool age.
2. My house has does not have the extra space or room for a school room.
3. My budget does not have the space for a school room.

I also believe one of the best things about teaching my kids at home both now and in the future is that life is our classroom. We spend a lot of time playing and reading books in the boys' room. We also read a lot on the couch.  We do art projects and math at the kitchen table. Our school supplies are kept in The Hubs' office.  Some of the supplies/resources are on top of the boys' dresser and some are inside the dresser. (Their clothes also take up some of the dresser which, yes, is in The Hubs' office - evidence of a small house.)

Play-doh, paint, and glue are stored above the fridge for obvious reasons. The boys have lots of books in their room. We have favorites we read all of the time together and board books the boys will "read" with or without me. This weekend I even rearranged the shelves a bit to get out the early readers because Bubby may be ready to read them in the not-to-distant future. We also have puzzles and other fine motor/educational toys on the shelves and in nooks and crannies.

This week I made a calendar board for Bubby. Of my six years teaching in public school, I only spent one in first grade. One of the things I did not enjoy was calendar time. However, Bubby is obsessed with knowing what is going on in terms of time/schedule, so I thought maybe this would help. He also likes calendar time on the two mornings he goes to preschool, so with resources from Royal Baloo, 1+1+1=1, and my own preferences, I created a calendar board. We will use it in the morning in Bubby's room or at the kitchen table, but it will be stored in the office because our dog would probably chew it up.

The map I just taped up in a nook in the boys' room. I've had it since my first year teaching, but I just got it out as Bubby has also become interested in where things are. We will use it during calendar time and from time to time when we read stories.

So that's our not-school-room for not-back-to-school. Like everything else in my life, so far it seems simple and efficient and no-frills. Someday there may be frills for us, but not today.

(sidenote: I did not clean up every piece of clutter in the boys' room for these pictures. Just keeping it real here, friends.)


  1. I love simple and efficient! We only had a schoolroom in one home and we never used it. That was years ago. Right now, we have a cabinet for books and art supplies and that is about it. No need for fancy and big if simple works for you!

  2. Your homeschooling spaces look a lot like ours--no frills and all :)

  3. Your boys are so adorable! They are so blessed to have a homeschooling Mommy with such wisdom! We have found the kitchen table, sofa and Mommy & Daddy's bed are great places to learn! Thanks for sharing. Jill


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