Sunday, August 25, 2013

The ABC Bunny - Five in a Row Style

I'm over a week behind in updating what we've been up to around here.  We had fevers. The Hubs started back to his third semester of nursing school.  Bubby started back to his two mornings out of the house for preschool. Bugaboo keeps on with his therapies. Awana started up again.  Life.

So here is the recap of us rowing The ABC Bunny. I didn't take very many pictures of this unit for the aforementioned reasons.

Once again I was surprised by how much the boys a) love the "old fashioned" looking books Before Five In A Row uses and b)love the repetition of reading it (nearly) everyday.  During this unit we read lots of ABC books. Bugaboo (yes, Bugaboo!) knows most of his capital letters, so I am looking for some lowercase ones. Both boys enjoy reading through new (and old) alphabet books, not just with this unit, but throughout the year.  Some of our favorite ABC books that we discovered the last couple of weeks:

  • An Edible Alphabet: 26 reasons to love the farm
  • Curious George Learns the Alphabet (has upper and lowercase)
  • Spot's ABC's (lowercase)
  • Z is for Zookeeper
  • Z is for Moose (we've read this before this unit, and we all love it)

I made a sensory bin with craft-pompoms we had on hand and crepe paper shredded. I threw some magnet letters in, and both boys enjoyed that several times this week. I am trying to push myself to do more sensory bins for Bug's benefit. They used spoons and measuring cups and tongs to scoop and dig.

Bubby and I "graphed" the names of our family using index card letters and the mini-pocket chart from Target's dollar spot. (Sorry, no picture of this. The idea I found thanks to Pinterest.) We watched Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on video for an extension of our ABC theme. That has never been my favorite kids' book, but the boys like it.

Just like many weeks, the boys played with the LeapFrog letters on the fridge and the wooden blocks with letters. I am finding most activities that have a worksheet feel to them I don't want to do with my kids. I think worksheets are fine for handwriting and reinforcing math, but I can't justify using a bunch of ink to print off a bunch of things I don't think my kids will be into. I may change my mind on that, but so far we are not too big on worksheet type of activities.

For another sensory and ABC activity this week I let the boys draw letters in shaving cream.  With Bug I just wanted him to make circles and lines. For a kid who usually craves input, during our OT sessions he hasn't liked the shaving cream activities. So I was pleasantly surprised at how much he liked this.  He even smiled! It is usually so hard to get him to smile for pictures, but not this time.  I encouraged Bubby to write his name and practice his letters, but it wasn't too long before he just wanted to play in it, too. Fun times for all.

Sidenote: Due to Missouri legislation, I no longer have/can be paid for Amazon affiliate links. I think this is unconstitutional, but any links attached to my blog which could have had a financial contribution for my family no longer will do that at the end of this month.

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