Friday, August 2, 2013

there are other things to learn besides phonics

This week Bubby hasn't been interested in going forward with any reading "lessons." I could try to force the issue or guess the reasons why he says, "No thank you," when I ask if he wants to learn to read today. But the simple fact of the matter is he is four. We have the next several years for reading lessons. There are other beautiful lessons to learn each day.

So we keep doing what we do best - which is spending time together. We are reading books about boats and sea creatures this week, but we honestly haven't even done that the last couple of days. He has been playing a lot with his cars, trains and Legos this week. My favorite part of that is how Bugaboo plays with him or parallel to him.

Life is full for us even in the simple things. Between therapy sessions on Wednesday, we go to the big library. The boys climb on the turtle, play with the puppets, and we sit on the bench and read some books.  Bubby likes being able to use the self-checkout with a little help from me.

I am mindful of the need to soak in the goodness of having a four year old.Yesterday I watched him play happily with an assortment of friends on of the families' backyard fort/slide. I was glad to see my introverted little boy engage with a crowd of kids. He was sad when it was time to got, and it was a great way to spend a chunk of our Thursday.

 This morning our family of four went to the pool, and we pretty much had it all to ourselves. Bubby was finally brave enough to let us get him up to his chin in the water. This is progress.

I think I am writing this to remind myself to not just always do the activities that are my children's strengths. Go with their interests and enjoyment. Push them out of their comfort zone a little. But most importantly embrace the simplicity of the lesson of just being together in the everyday gift of lifelong learning.

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