Thursday, September 5, 2013

Katy No-Pocket - Five in a Row Style

While talking on the phone with my sister-in-law tonight, she mentioned this blog. Then I realized how much I have been slacking on both blogs lately, but especially this one. Last week (I think!) the boys and I rowed Katy No-Pocket. Although I was familiar with the Curious George books (same author), I don't think I had ever read this book. The story was a little sad to me - a kangaroo without a pocket for her joey, but both boys really liked it.  Some of the highlights included:

Checking out a few non-fiction books about kangaroos. The kangaroo life cycle was pretty unique. I learned some fun facts, too, such as a kangaroo can hold an embryo until her other joey is ready to climb out of her it pocket. Interesting, right?

I taught my boys the Australia is a Mighty Fine Place song that my second grade teacher taught me. Yes, I remember the words AND the actions. I also taught them the Kookaburra song.  There was also a really neat picture book from the library called Kangaroo and Crocodile by Bronwyn Bancroft. I was surprised how much Bubby liked the pictures in the aboriginal type of style.

I made paper pockets and the boys drew the animal they would want to carry in their pockets.  Bugaboo picked giraffe (his favorite animal lately), and Bubby picked a skunk because he is ridiculous. Later that week we smelled a skunk on the road, and I asked if he still wanted one in his pocket. He said no.

On Sunday I took Bubby to Lowe's for our first Build and Grow Clinic. This was perfect since Katy No-Pocket meets a carpenter who shares his apron. Bubby and I built a very sad looking airplane. However, he loved it, he got his very own apron, and we both had a pretty good time.

Our other art project I cannot find anywhere around the house. We did aboriginal art. I put them up to dry, and then they got moved when I was making dinner - and now I can't find them. It makes me sad because it was a multi-step project that turned out really great, but I only have pictures of the first step.  The idea was from this blog, but the directions can be found here. I made a kangaroo template for the boys, and then they painted it. We glued it on other paper and then I showed Bubby how to do the dots around it rotating colors in a pattern each rotation. He got the hang of it pretty well for a four year old. Bugaboo liked making dots with the paint on his paper, so that worked on his fine motor skills.

Bubby did a lot of bouncing this week, and as always we are working with Bugaboo in physical therapy on how to jump.  We have taken several days off from FIAR as we are still trying to figure out this new semester.  This week we have just started reading Angus Lost.  Our own dog, Scout, escaped from the yard a week or so ago, so I thought this would be a good next choice.


  1. How did you remember a song from that long ago!? I am always so impressed by all of the work you do with your boys. I admire you!

    1. I don't know how I remember it.I have a lot of random things stored away in my brain. :) I tried to Google the song, but couldn't find it. I sang it with my fourth graders when I was teaching sometimes as a brain break.


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