Thursday, November 7, 2013

Angus Lost - Five In A Row style

Wow! It has been awhile since I posted on here. I have a couple of things to catch up on, and perhaps I will be more regular at doing so. Or perhaps not since I do have a four year old and a two year old. But I will try.

At some point this fall we read Angus Lost, a sweet story especially for my dog loving family.  Once again, even though the story was old fashioned, the boys didn't seem to mind the repetition. (Although I don't think it was Bubby's favorite book.)  We read a lot of other dog books to go along with this theme. One of our family's favorites is Oh No, George! So I checked it out again from the library.  The boys also enjoyed Mercer Mayer's Just One More Pet (we love Little Critter), Nobody's Diggier Than a Dog, A Dog is a Dog, and a book we own and read over and over again, Wet Dog.

Since the book is about a dog getting lost, we watched a Sesame Street DVD called Getting Lost featuring Big Bird. It led to lots of great discussion several different times on what Bubby should do if he gets lost or separated from us. It is always unnerving for me to talk about this with my preschooler, but not having the conversations scares me more.

We took a trip to the local farm/park that had animals including goats and cows - since goats came up in the book as well as a milk wagon.  The boys each made a D is for dog picture.  Bubby did some tracing, although I can't locate the source anywhere. (Please let me know if you know it so I can give proper credit.)  And of course we have daily play time with our beloved-when-she-isn't-running-away-or-digging-hole-dog, Scout.

The remainder of October we took a break from Five in a Row and did lots of autumn books and a few autumn crafts on top of our normal routine of checking out a million books from the library.  A post on our favorite autumn activities should be coming soon!