Friday, December 6, 2013

Caps for Sale - Five in a Row style

The boys and I have definitely read Caps for Sale more than five times.  They love it. They love "acting out" the part where the peddler is shaking his hands and stomping his feet.  Our copy from the library came with the story on cd, so we have enjoyed "reading" it that way, too. Here are some of the go-along activities we did with the book:

We drew our faces (Bubby did his own, I helped Bugaboo) and then we glued hats on it.  Mr. Independent Bubby had his own idea on how they should be stacked.

We stacked all of our hats on our heads and tried to walk around the house, "slowly, slowly."

Bubby worked on -ap words.  They rhyming and spelling were a piece of cake for him, but he wanted to write them himself. He normally hates to write, he just likes to spell aloud, so this was a surprise.  He didn't want my assistance. Then at the end he just wanted to get crazy on the dry-erase board. Oh well. You might be able to make out a couple of scribbled -ap words here.

During story time at the library last week they had a monkey theme which was perfect for us. They each made a monkey puppet, and Bubby made a banana tree which had the trunk going from big to little.

I had great plans of making banana smoothies or banana bread, but it is pumpkin season around here, so that didn't happen. I really need to purchase Caps for Sale to add to our collection because I think it is one of our favorites!

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