Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Snowy Day - Five in a Row Style

Every once in awhile I plan ahead.

Just a few days before a big snowstorm here in early January, I managed to get a copy of The Snowy Day from the library. Not only is the story a beautiful classic, the fact that we ended up with several snowy days made me (almost) excited to do snow activities.  (I hate snow. I hate winter. Just thought I'd put it out there.)

Once again, this "old fashioned" looking book held my boys' interest each day, and actually into another week.  Then when we went to story time at the library last week, the librarian was reading it among the selections, and both of my boys were excited to know the story.  I loved that Bug even participated more than normal at the library because of the familiarity of the story.

So what did we do all week to go along with the story?

Well, we obviously went out to crunch, crunch, crunch in the snow. We made tracks with our feet and with sticks. Bubby made a snow angel until the dog got a little to close to him.

We did a science observation. I brought in a scoop of snow, and we watched how long it would take to melt on our kitchen table.  (We didn't just sit and watch it. We would check it every few minutes to see the progress.)

We attempted snow paint, but I wasn't impressed with the recipe I found. Maybe I did something wrong.

Bubby worked on The Snowy Day themed tracing and cutting pages, as well as the summer/winter clothes sort activity from this packet.  His cutting is getting so much better. The boys each made a paper snowman out of white paper scraps (which they had to tear and glue to help fine motor skills). I forgot to take a picture of this activity, but it turned out really cute as most snowman art projects usually do.

Some  of the other snow-themed selections we read were White Snow, Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt, and most of the snow/winter poems in Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young by Jack Prelutsky.

I have looked through most of the other Before Five in a Row books, and we have either read them already before we started rowing, they are books better suited for spring, or  I am not interested in rowing (a couple of) them. I may move back to doing some of the regular Five in a Row books for our next study. It is hard to sometimes know what is best to do with my two boys with their ages and strengths and weaknesses. I believe Katy and the Big Snow is on hold for me at the library, so we may continue with the snow theme for awhile.

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