Monday, April 7, 2014

busier days ahead

We have officially decided to homeschool Bubby for kindergarten next year. I wrote a little bit about it on my other blog, so you can check out the details there.

I have been most impressed with the Charlotte Mason method, which buys me a little more time on some things, and gives Bubby a chance to enjoy childhood and to really observe the world around him.  There is still a lot about the classical model that appeals to me, too.  Both of these are a huge switch from public school style teaching, which I think is part of my draw to them. Both of them are heavy on living books (quality literature) and history, two of my favorite things.

Obviously, I have a lot to say and ponder and question about where I want next year to go, so this blog really will be updated more frequently. There are wonderful things in store for this schooling adventure.

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