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Harold and the Purple Crayon (Five in a Row) and Week 2 Recap

Charlotte Mason recommends lots of outdoor time for children each day. Charlotte Mason lived in England in the late 1800s'/early 1900's - not Missouri in the middle of August 2014. It has been in the nineties/hundreds this week, and it is not an Arizona heat. And while I will always prefer heat to snow and ice, I'm still not getting outside in this mess! So yet another way I'm not a true Charlotte Mason educator.
Who needs nature when you have Legos?

We did have a very good second week of school. The only difficult day was Wednesday, though Bubby had no difficulties. Bugaboo was having a very rough morning, so we muddled through and saved some school for the afternoon, but were all better by lunch time.

What We Did:
This week we spent time reading Harold and the Purple Crayon. It is different from books that I would typically pick out, but once again, Bubby enjoyed the story, laughing at a couple of moments in the story, and by the end of the week I liked it better than I had at the beginning of the week. (I learned it is a favorite of one of my blogger friends!) I was planning on doing a separate write-up for our Harold activities later, but most of them were the bulk of curriculum this week, so this is my Five in a Row post, too. We talked about vocabulary as needed, and Bubby drew in his literature binder about his favorite parts of the book.

Since Harold features a moon, we learned about moons in science. Some of the subject matter was a little over Bubby's head (no pun intended), but I was surprised at how much he retained by the end of the week when we finished the L on our KWL chart. (KWL stands for - What I Know, What I Want to Know, What I Learned) There was a nice poetry book about the different moons of the year called, When The Moon is Full by Penny Pollock. I was pleasantly surprised that Bubby liked it as well as he did. We attempted a different water color project with the moon phases. Once again the watercolor project didn't work as well as I had hoped, but Bubby had fun, and by the end of the week could tell me a few of the different phases of the moon. We also watched a Mister Rogers clip on YouTube on how crayons were made.  Bubby informed me he had already seen this clip on Daniel Tiger and my heart broke a little bit because Daniel Tiger,try as you might, you are no Mister Rogers.

 One day I put a large piece of paper (recycled from an Amazon package) on the boys' wall and gave them purple crayons to draw/imagine/create like Harold.  This wasn't as exciting for them as I had hoped it would be, but it did help Bugaboo and I work on something for OT - drawing on a vertical surface.  For math I had Bubby take a "What's Your Favorite Pie?" survey. He came up with the pie choices (I had to steer him away from unknown pie ideas like "grape pie.") I posted his picture and question on Facebook, expecting maybe ten people to respond. We had over eighty responses to his survey. (Thank you, friends and family!) I was going to use a pocket chart to graph, but with the number of answers, we used the entire kitchen table. It was so fun reading everyone's answers to Bubby the next day (he was especially excited to know who chose what) and watching him graph them one by one.  We were going to bake something with blueberries this week, but remember it was 100 degrees here this week!I avoided using the oven whenever possible.

In MathUSee this week we introduced place value. Oh my goodness. This may have been too soon in my humble opinion. I love the way the curriculum explains it, but I don't know that moving from "this is a triangle," "These are numbers one through nine" to "Here's the ten's place and what that means is..." is developmentally appropriate.  We'll see how next week goes with the hundred's.  We learned the "sh" sound in phonics (All About Reading), and that was much easier than last week's "th" sound. We spent another week on series one in Spanish, and I introduced a couple of simple Spanish songs I learned on mission trips in high school.  Handwriting went a little better with H, T, I this week, but we continue to move very slowly on this - and just a few minutes a day.

Bubby's favorite part of the week he said was, "learning all about the moon." My favorite part of the week was the graphing project, even though it made me want to go to Village Inn for pie, like back in my high school days.  The funniest Bubby quote of the school week came at the end of the project when pumpkin had the most votes and Bubby's lemon tied for the fewest votes. "My team didn't win!" he cried out, followed by almost as much sadness as when "the horses" lost to "the birds" in the SuperBowl this last year.

One of my favorite parts of the week was when Bubby just sat drawing at the kitchen table with paper and markers while I fixed lunch. He took his time and came up with his own idea for what to draw - "When God created the earth," he told me. He drew a bunch of animals, dirt (always dirt with this boy), grass, a sun, and a red circle which he informed me was a mosquito.

Can' you find the mosquito?

What I Learned:
I learned that I can do school in the afternoon and run errands in the mornings if I need to because it is too hot to grocery shop after lunch in August. I also learned that Bubby is happiest when he is in charge of the pointer during calendar time.

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