Friday, August 22, 2014

Night of the Moonjellies - Five in a Row Style

I hesitated writing/posting about our Night of the Moonjellies week (aka our first week of kindergarten at home) because I was so consumed with taking "back to school" photos that I really didn't take any of our learning. I scrounged up two that work, but they don't really highlight the fun and enjoyment we had with this book.

Bubby loved this book. I had to get it through inter-library loan, so I was extra careful with it. He asked for it right away each day, and he was disappointed when it wasn't first on our schedule. It is a lovely story of a boy working at his grandma's hot dog/lobster roll stand at the shore out east, and also his encounter with moonjellies.

Some easy things we did with this story were going over new vocabulary, eating at a picnic table (like how Mark ate outside), and going to Sonic for orange soda, hot dogs and onion rings (since they were ordered a lot in the book, and we don't have lobster rolls here in Missouri). We attempted a jellyfish watercolor drip art project I read about on a blog, but it did not work.

A different day we created boats out of shapes and then we painted moonjellies in the water and Bubby added stars in the sky. We read an easy-reader on Maine, since that is a state famous for lobsters, and we located various northeastern states on our map (Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey).

We read two books about jellyfish (even though moonjellies aren't really jellyfish), and we completed a KWL chart on our new whiteboard (that still needs to find a place besides the floor). Since Mark and his family were selling food, I introduced some money concepts, but we didn't hit that very hard. One evening at bath time I put glow-sticks (leftover from what Babushka sent awhile back) into the tub and turned out some of the lights. Bubby thought that was awesome - like the moonjellies glowing - but Bugaboo was not impressed.

Night of the Moonjellies was such a sweet story. It is based upon Mark Shasha's real life memories of his grandma's shop. I think Bubby and I both liked it because of the grandparent theme, and any excuse to eat onion rings is also fine with me!

This week we read Harold and the Purple Crayon.  I will post about that soon, perhaps with a couple more (and better) pictures.

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