Why Ungraded?

Researching curriculum and buying school supplies thrills me more than buying shoes.(I love shoes, but not as much now that my left foot decided to grow longer after having babies.) I taught elementary students in public schools for six years. Then I had our first of two NICU babies, and I've been home ever since. I'm wife to The Hubs, who is a counselor AND full time nursing student. I'm mommy to four year old Bubby and two and a half year old Bugaboo.  

This blog is an attempt to capture our learning experiences outside of a grade-level box.

My boys have such different and yet some similar strengths and weaknesses. I doubt either of them will ever fit into a "grade one" or a "fourth grade" box. They will excel in some areas and struggle in others. Bubby loves learning to read, all things Veggie Tales, and painting but not coloring. Bugaboo loves music, Pete the Cat books, and spinning but not being upside down. Bugaboo also has developmental delays that we continue to investigate. He receives speech/language, physical, and occupational therapies. 

"Life: Ungraded" has a lot of different meanings to me:
  •  I don't have to stick my children in a grade level because they are a certain age. I can teach them what they need (and want) to know at the pace that best fits them. 
  • I also don't have to give them a grade on an assignment and move on. I can teach the mastery of skills and concepts. 
  • Our lives are not being graded. I am not being graded as a mom, as a teacher, as a person. I can live in grace and enjoy this time of learning with my children.
I hope you'll find the ideas I post of our learning journey to be helpful. 

(I also blog on every topic under the sun at Wandering On Purpose.)

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